rainbow on the farm

rainbow on the farm

Spirit moving sheep off the hay field

Friday, November 9, 2012

eye of an Eagle

Breathtaking Eagle
soars high in the cloudy sky
eyes peering downward
Tis the beginning of Winter
hunting for food to survive

Melvina Germain



What a crazy couple of weeks we have had.
Sandy hit us with some very strong winds and flooding rains. We were out of power for a week.
It was not fun at all. We had done prepping as much as we could but we were caught short in many crucial aspects that would have made riding this storm out a little more comfortable.
We have a gas powered fireplace that would have given us heat during the outage, but sad to say the propane tank was empty and gas delivery was not going to be for another week.
Thankfully the gas company was able to fit us in after six days with out power so we did have one night of relative comfort before regaining full power.
We have a really good generator so that was a Godsend.
We were working on getting a switch system in place that would allow the generator to run our well pump , furnace and a few outlets in the house . But we did not have it in place before Sandy rolled in. Almost , but not quite! Still , we fared a lot better than many on the coast and less inland than us.
My family and friends still living on Long Island were in much worse shape than us. My friends in New Jersey even worse.
I was entered in a sheepdog trial the weekend after the storm, but with no power and two elderly parents here I just could not make it to Maryland for a sheepdog trial. Priorities! I had planned on going to Virgina for one this weekend , but bowed out.
Too much to do here and weather is looking too good for us not to keep at the fencing project we hope to finish before old man winter wraps his arms around us for a long bear hug.
The week with out power was challenging at best but we had a visitor one day that made us forget for a little while about being cold and dirty .
The eagle that I have in the beginning of this installment.
They really are magnificent birds. We have them here from time to time and I always am drawn to stop whatever I may be doing to take time out and watch them for as long as they visit.
There is something about an American Bald Eagle that just touches me to the core of my being.
Other than that things are plugging along.
Dogs are working well.
Selected breeding ewes are in with the Rams.
Coming to grip with winter riding into town is becoming more evident with each passing day.
Now where did I stow my Carhartt's ?????

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